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Rent a Car in Ajman, UAE | Full Price List

Find the best rental car offers from local suppliers in Ajman. Be it a short-term rental to travel the emirates or a monthly car rental. Shortlist the car that based on your budget and requirements. Tourists, visitors as well as UAE residents with valid driving license can rent and drive a car in the UAE. Contact the car rental supplier offering the car directly via phone, WhatsApp or request a call back and rent it directly!

Showing 1 - 25 of 46 cars

Showing 1 - 25 of 46 cars

Ajman, next to Sharjah, is fairly close to Dubai. The car rental market there is fairly young. Listed below are some companies that offer professional car rental services in Ajman. They offer the best rates including car insurance and standard mileage limit. Delivery is available upon request, free delivery for monthly rentals. Besides you pay zero commission or markup as you book the car directly with the car rental dealer. No booking fees or hidden charges.

If you’re a resident of Ajman or staying in one of the many luxurious hotels there, hiring a car is ideal to get around the emirates. It’s easy and most companies follow international car rental standards. Companies in the nearby emirates of Sharjah and Umm Al Quwain also offer delivery in Ajman.

To explore and enjoy the beauty of Ajman, renting a car in Ajman is perhaps the best option. Hiring a car in Ajman offers you the flexibility to reach other emirates without a hassle thanks to the quality of road network in the UAE. Your freedom, convenience and privacy is intact in a rental car. 

Rental car prices are low in Ajman as compared to Dubai and Sharjah. Besides local taxi service is not as prevalent as compared to Dubai and Sharjah. You can rent a car on day-basis, weekly and monthly basis including insurance costs and standard mileage.

Find the best car rental offers in Ajman below. Filter as per your requirement and budget with ease. You can choose among a range of cars: compact, sedan, crossover, SUV as well as sports and luxury cars in Ajman. Simply contact the supplier directly and schedule a delivery directly. You’ll be paying the car rental company directly so you can be sure to get the best deal.

Note: The above listings including the prices are updated by the respective car rental company. Incase the car is not available at the price mentioned (exclusive of VAT), please inform us and we’ll get back to you with the best alternative. Happy renting!